Hyper X Cloud Headphone Reviews – Best Headphone For Your Gaming

If you are a gamer, you must know about the experience while playing a high quality game with a highly configured computer. Including graphic card, strong motherboard and better design, there is one other thing left what is most needed during gaming and that is the headset. If you are not using a headset while playing game, then you must leave some of the best experiences. Headphone is necessary for gaming and you can buy most of gaming headsets under 100 from online stores and out of them Hyper X Cloud is best.

Hyper X Cloud Headphone Reviews

Using a headset while playing games is the unique experience you will get and choosing a best one is also necessary. The Hyper X Cloud is the best option of headset for you. It is built with high quality material and also outputs fabulous sound. The main thing that will attract you is this can be used in PC, Mac, ps4 and Xbox also. It is compatible with every device and the quality of the outcome sound remains the same. It is made with solid, durable aluminum frame and capable with 53mm drivers to produce supreme quality sounds.  Getting gaming headsets under 100 will profitable for you as it is available in affordable price online.


  • Virtual 7.1 surround sound.
  • In-line audio control.
  • Changeable ear pads.
  • Advance audio control box.
  • Compatible with Mac, PC, mobile, VR, Xbox, ps4 etc.


  • Not a wireless device.
  • Microphone’s construction.

Bottom line

If you want to use a headset while playing game, then Hyper X Cloud is the best recommendation and it is more affordable than all other headsets. Its best part is the foamy ear pads that totally melt over your ears and the design is also non-comparable with anything else. The mic is detachable so that you can separate is from the main frame while listening music and playing solo game.

Specification and key features

The product is made with plastic with attached an aluminum frame head support and has a long wire of 100cm length also. It uses 3.5mm dual plugs that help you while playing only single input jack. It produces decent sound with 53mm drivers and has a frequency of 15Hz to 25.000Hz. The main attraction is the control box that allows you to change various things while playing games.

Must look for the comfort first

If you are a gamer and you play games for many hours, you must need ear comfort and better quality ear pads to be attached with the headset.  Thankfully, this Hyper X Cloud headset has the comfortable ear pads and can able to give you comforts.

Microphone – the important part of headset

While playing multiplayer games or online games, a microphone is mostly needed to communicate with other players. The Hyper X clued is the only headset among all gaming headsets under 100 that provides a class microphone which provides noise cancellation and gives clear sound quality.

Look for the durability of the product

Everyone wants to buy a product that will last for years. Obviously, someone who bought a product will must expect his/her product will stay for years and gives same quality output also. Hopefully the above headset made with German technology and not only its design is fabulous, but also its durability is also longer than any other gaming headsets under 100 available in the market.


There is no reason to know to buy the Hyper X Cloud headsets as it is the only product that provides you lots of features in just less amounts. Among all other items available in the market, only this product has the longest durability and well design that will force you to recommend your friends to purchase this item. The built quality and the detachable mic will blow your mind and the sound output will give you a unique experience while playing games or listening to music. Hyper X Cloud is the only gaming headsets under 100 available online and has a number of buyers also. Don’t waste time and grab one form the online stores to experience better gaming.

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