Steel Series Arctis 7 Reviews- The Most Selling Wireless Headphone

Most of the children are getting attracted towards gaming now days and playing games for hours. Not only the children, but also youngsters also play games most of time just for fun. After all, game is the only way to get plenty of relaxation. To play games it is necessary that your computer is highly configured and also you must have a headphone to experience the surrounding sound. Lots of headsets available in the market and there are number gaming headset under 100 present in online stores and having Steel Series Arctis 7 headset will double your excitement of gaming.

Steel Series Arctis 7 Reviews- The Most Selling Wireless Headphone

SteelSeries Arctis 7 (2019 Edition) Lossless Wireless Gaming HeadsetIf it is a machine, then it must be some advantages and disadvantages too. The steel Series Company provides Arctis 7 the wireless gaming headphone to experience you the best sound quality during gaming. It is built with tough materials with adorable design and has the ability to produce class sound clarity. It is a well-balanced headset for gaming and supports PC, Mac, Xbox and other Bluetooth devices.


  • Strong frame.
  • Soft and long lasting ear pads.
  • Wireless transmission.
  • Mic that helps with communication.
  • Control buttons for music as well as other use.
  • Long battery life.
  • USB port and Bluetooth.


  • Range for mobile is less.
  • Wireless transmitter is little big.

Bottom line

The item Arctis 7 is content with one wireless transmitter, one micro USB charging cable, one mobile cable in the box. The transmitter may be designed little big, but it produces long range of wireless transmission that will help you to play from long distance also. It is one of the best products among all gaming headphones under 100 available in the market.

Functions of all keys on the item

There are some keys and slots available on the body of the Arctis 7 headphones. The music key, the volume control key, the call cut or pick key is for their individual use and also have a USB port as well as a  charging port too. The main point is, it can be used through cable also and the cable is of 3.5mm jack to fit in several devices.

Best quality and gives lots of comfort

Steel series Arctis 7 is the product you are always looking for and has lots of features than other gaming headset under 100 sold at market or in online as well. It gives more comfort to your ears as the ear pads are built with quality components.

Double benefit of buying the headphone

You will get shocked to know about the fact of the headset that it runs with both wire and wireless. Yes, it is the double benefit of buying this headphone as there is an external cable to use it as a wired headset. If your device’s Bluetooth stop working or if your device has no Bluetooth, you can connect the Arctis 7 through a cable which is of 3.5mm jack and enjoy songs as well as the game also.

Comparing with any other item available online

There is no comparison of all other headsets that are available online with Arctis 7 as is stands with a class and unique features with far better comfort than them. The price is also varies and Arctis is one of the best affordable headphones in the series of gaming headset under 100.


The main part of the game is video clarity and the sound output also other most needed things. Someone cannot get enough enjoyment without headphone and it is impossible to play only or double player game without headset as it requires communicating between gamers. Choosing Steel series Arctis 7 as your headset will be the best choice and it is more durable than any other gaming headset under 100 available online. You can use it as wired item when need also just because it’s another option for inserting wire in it. It can save your money as it’s affordable and will last long for years because of its class and quality. Hurry up! Get the headset now and enjoy gaming.

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